Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dunnocks are singing now

One bird that is singing a lot at the moment is the Dunnock.   It's a mousy, secretive little bird creeping about in the undergrowth looking for insects and fluttering its wings as it sings.
I learnt on 'Tweet of the Day' on the BBC that they practice polyandry (lots of husbands) and polygamy (lots of wives).  you could say they were promiscuous little beggars, but who are we to judge.  Polyandry seems to be more common, so you sometimes get two cock birds singing and defending a joint territory while mating with the same hen bird.
No wonder they are so secretive and hide in the bushes.
The song is like a squeaky wheelbarrow wheel and a very cheerful sound on a spring day.  I guess they are pretty cheerful, all things considered.
Watch and listen to this excellent video published on YouTube by June Sobie in February of this year.

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