Monday, 23 March 2015

Tree planting in the rain.

 We have received several donated trees recently and had a tree planting session to give them new homes at Filnore.  We planted
  • an oak, a field maple, a holly and a yew up near the viewpoint, 
  • two conker trees on the meadow at the top of the pylon field - turned out to be very rocky ground
  • and a spruce and two scots pines as a nucleus for a conifer area near post 15.
    I mentioned the possibility of planting a few conifers in my blog post dated 14 May 2014.   Although it is more usual for conservation groups to remove conifers from woodland, there are some birds, plants and fungi that prefer the habitat offered by conifers of various sorts, so it seemed a good idea to include just a few.  They are in the old tree nursery area where we have retained several non-native trees.  So it's a slightly weird place anyway.
    Full marks to Eric, Steve, Andy, Allan, Cynthia and Roger for braving the drizzly weather to plant these trees.
To hear more about our future plans, come to our AGM on 15th April at 7.30 pm in the Swan pub, Thornbury High Street. 

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