Sunday, 1 March 2015

Snowdrop alert

This small clump of double-flowered snowdrops has emerged in the middle of the 'welcome area', as we call the grassy patch just inside the main entrance to Filnore Woods.

This is not a native plant so it's a mystery how it got here.  As a general rule we do not plant non-native plants at Filnore Woods, though there are a few non-native trees in the old Northavon tree nursery.
We are trying to create not a garden or park, but a little piece of land where naturally occurring native plants and creatures can live and be seen.
To this end we have relocated a few plants on the site e.g. primroses, wild garlic and wood anemone, to help them colonise more quickly.  But we have to be careful not to interfere too much, in an attempt to make the place look pretty.  Some quite ordinary looking plants can be really important for the ecosystem.  So we champion these too.

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